Our Story. . .

The Hair Wellness Group (THWG) is a family-owned and operated salon in Columbus, GA. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality hair care services, products, and education.

Our Story

THWG was founded by Gwendolyn Hicks and LaRachel Adkins, a mother-daughter team with over 60 years of combined experience in the hair care industry. 

Gwendolyn's passion for hair care started when she was young. She would braid the corn silk on the family farm and scratch the backs of the animals with her newfound skills. (Trust me, the story is hilarious!)

LaRachel, on the other hand, got her start in hair care a little more...dramatically. When she was seven years old, she decided to give her Barbie doll a makeover. 

She cut off all of Barbie's hair, only to discover that it wouldn't grow back. (Who knew?) 

​And then she tried to use a curling iron on it, which immediately melted the plastic hair! Oops!​​

Gwendolyn opened her first salon in 1982. LaRachel was able to join her in 1992, working under her mother as an apprentice. 

Over the years, their interest and how they approached hair care shifted to focus more on maintaining the health and integrity of their client's hair, scalp, and body. 

In 2010, they rebranded their salon as The Hair Wellness Group to reflect this shift in focus.

Today, THWG is a thriving salon known for its high-quality hair care services and friendly and welcoming atmosphere. 

Gwendolyn and LaRachel are still passionate about hair care and wellness and love helping their clients look and feel their best.​

Our Philosophy

We believe that hair health is influenced by many factors, including your diet, lifestyle, environment, and even your mental and emotional state. That's why we take a personalized approach to hair care. We work with you to understand your individual needs and goals and create a customized plan to help you achieve them.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of hair, body, and skin services, including:

Our Products

We carry a carefully curated selection of hair care products from top brands, including Innersense, Design Essentials, HLCC, and Decca Plus. We also offer a variety of natural and organic body, skin, and hair care products.

Our Team

Our team comprises experienced and passionate beauty professionals committed to helping you achieve your hair, body, skin, and wellness goals. We are always learning and growing and always looking for new ways to improve our services.

Our Promise

We promise to listen carefully to your needs, understand your goals, and provide you with the highest quality hair care services, products, and education. We are committed to your satisfaction and will do everything we can to ensure you have a positive experience at THWG.

Thank you for choosing The Hair Wellness Group!

We look forward to helping you achieve your hair, body, and skin and wellness goals.


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